Looks like the two bi dudes from my previous post went from bi-curious to bi-serious, or maybe we should just call it gay-ing out! Is there such a thing as “gay for pay”? Supposedly there is but I think you gotta be bi to go for it which is more than fine with me!

two bisexual guys do gay porn for pay and suck cocks

A long time ago I first saw a small porn ad in the back of Hustler that showed a guy getting a blowjob from a girl while having another guy’s dick in his mouth. I’d never seen such a thing before and it turned me on so much that I had to furiously jack off several times in succession. Later on, I discovered the exciting world of bisexual porn and never looked back. But where was I? Oh right around the time that I saw that ad, I went to drink beer with this slutty chick and her friend. Somehow the subject turned to sex and with the thought of sucking cock together still fresh on my mind, I asked her if she ever had sex with two guys at once. Not surprisingly she said yes, and also not surprisingly I got a huge hardon on the spot! I asked her how it was and she said it was fun and weird: the one guy was telling his friend “get your balls out of my face”. Well, if I was in that situation not only would I not mind the balls but I’d want to lick them myself and suck on the cock with her! Otherwise, what’s the point? A cock is a terrible thing to waste! Do these “straight” guys mind? Not at all.

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This three-way with two bi guys who came to fuck one girl turns hot as hell when the guys get so turned on by watching her sucking dick that they start sucking cock themselves! But when she gets a cock in her ass, these two don’t shy away from fucking each other as well! No cock left unsucked, no ass left unfucked, and then these two cute twinks unload huge loads of cum on her tits while she’s jerking off in ecstasy! It’s doesn’t get any more real nor more amateur than this! See more?

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Two Brooklyn boys take turns banging a chick. Oddly enough, she can’t handle two cocks after a while so the guys jerk off next to each other, checking out each other’s hard cocks. Hey, as long as the girl is present, that doesn’t make you gay, right? Sort of. Mutual masturbation with another guy doesn’t really count as straight. Which is right where we want to be: Real amateur bisexual threesomes!

after a girl fucks tow bisexual guys they jerk off together

Forced or willing bisexuality? In another truth or dare game with three girls and two guys, it’s oral sex, giving and receiving, both guys and girls. When it’s the twink’s turn for a dare he has to suck cock. but he seem to mind one bit. Besides, he gets a blowjob afterwards and his big shaved cock cums right down the blonde girl’s throat. Oral sex for oral sex. Fair trade. These are 100% amateurs btw who have never done porn before and most likely never will.

bi-curious guy dared to suck cock at a party

In order for porn to be bisexual, you need three or more people, right? Well you can still be bi and be a couple, can’t you? And if you’re an exhibitionist as well, then that usually falls into the gray area of sexual orientation. Well, from the makers of the incredible Dare Ring comes another amazing site called Sell Your Sex Tape. Real amateur couples film their sex life for an hour for one week in exchange for the princely sum of $2,000 which means you have to be an exhibitionist to do it, and you have to have a perv streak! Well these couples are hot as hell, because they are 100% real amateurs! There’s plenty of fucking, cock sucking, huge loads of cum on the face, and well, a little bisexual innuendos. Like dildo play, or in the case of this hot couple, sperm swapping. I blew my load when I saw this hippie grunge guy jack off on his girlfriends face and then proceed to lick it up. Snowballing is hot, when it’s done by amateurs it’s even better. Check out all the previews!

guy licks his own cum off his girlfriend's face

Three Way Fucking Buddies

Some guys who have bi tendencies may get cold feet, when they’re fucking a girl together, about even touching much less sucking on his friend’s cock. And so, sadly many opportunity for bisexual pleasure goes amiss. Not in these three way pounding pals. As soon as the shorts and panties come off and the girl starts sucking one dick, the other dude glides his buddy’s schlong into his willing mouth, getting right down to business!

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Especially if they’re tempted to do so in a threesome. These two bicurious dudes think they’re going to double team a hot Asian chick. Well, they do but looking at each others erect and throbbing hard cocks they get a little curious and before you know it, your friend’s cock is right there just waiting to be sucked. So while he’s making out with the girl, put that cock in your mouth and blow your buddy or at least slobber over it, get his dick hard and guide it into her tight pussy!

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I don’t have an Asian fetish like some guys do, but the few Asian chicks I’ve fucked have always been very sexually open. Fuck that, all girls like to see guys making out and blowing each other: this I guarantee!